"If I had to run a company on three measures, those measures would be customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and cash flow."~Jack Welch 

How are you managing your company’s cash flow?  

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every company, and a cash flow crisis could be the downfall of your business. At Agile CFO, we help manage cash flow projections so your business can develop a strong capital strategy that meets your business’ needs. We devise financial plans so that you are prepared for emergencies and unexpected expenses. We help you forecast short-term and long-term business expenses against your projected incoming cash, creating a cash flow cushion.  

Cash Flow Services - We’ll help you:  

  • Create an overall in-depth cash strategy 
  • Find funding options  
  • Obtain credit if needed 
  • Build a model of all incoming receipts and expenses 
  • Improve collection and payment policies 
  • Leverage banking relationships 
  • Provide decision-making support to your company’s leadership team 

Contact us today and let our team manage your cash flow plan so you can focus on the plan of growing your business. 

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