Measuring Your Company’s Performance 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the measurable values that demonstrate how effectively your company is reaching its business objectives. The team at Agile CFO Solutions collaborates with clients to establish a clear financial understanding of the business. Then our expert staff utilizes a broad range of information to identify KPIs at multiple levels. High-level KPIs focus on big-picture and overall business performance while low-level KPIs focus on more specific processes in departments like sales and marketing. Understanding how your company is performing is critical to maintaining a successful and profitable business.  

Choosing the Right KPIs 

KPIs vary between companies and industries and are therefore unique to each organization. At Agile CFO Solutions, we work as a partner with our clients, customizing our work to best meet the needs of each business. We are not a one size fits all company. Using sound KPIs, we will aid your leadership team in making informed decisions that will lead your company to financial success. 

The right KPIs will help your business achieve its goals faster and better. 

Every KPI should include: 

  • A way to measure outcomes 
  • A target goal and a time period to achieve it 
  • A defined data source to objectively ensure goals are being met 
  • A reporting plan so there is a mechanism to collect and track progress 

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